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California to Ban Diesel Trucks: A Step Towards Electric Vehicle Adoption


California has been a pioneer in limiting the use of internal combustion engine vehicles, and now the state is expected to take a bold step by banning diesel trucks. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is likely to grant California a waiver to implement the regulations in the coming weeks. The state's newest regulation has three parts, with the most significant being a requirement for automakers to sell an increasing number of electric trucks, leading to a complete phase-out of diesel trucks by 2045.

While these regulations are expected to encourage businesses to adopt electric trucks, they may face legal challenges similar to the lawsuit against California's implementation of the 2035 ICE vehicle ban. However, the potential benefits to the environment and the electric vehicle market cannot be ignored.

The new regulations are expected to significantly affect not only 18-wheelers but also other heavy-duty truck segments such as garbage trucks, delivery trucks, commercial vans, and even medium-duty pickups. This could increase interest in electric trucks and vans from companies like Ford, Rivian, and Mercedes, which have all become major players in the commercial electric vehicle market in recent months.

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