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New Steel-Wheeled Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Testing with Sensors


The Tesla Cybertruck is an electric vehicle that has garnered a lot of attention and is eagerly anticipated to be released in 2023. According to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, the Cybertruck's release is only a few months away, which has further heightened the excitement surrounding the innovative vehicle. Recently, new images have surfaced, revealing a Cybertruck prototype with steel wheels and testing equipment.

A member of the Cyber Truck Owners Club forum spotted the Cybertruck prototype at Tesla's Fremont factory. Unlike previous prototypes, this particular model featured steel wheels, which piqued the interest of forum members. Upon closer examination, it was revealed that the wiring around the bodyline and the sensors on the wheels indicated that the Tesla team was measuring various parameters on the truck. The sensors on the steel wheels were identified as wheel force transducers, which are used in vehicle development to measure the forces on the tires.

Kistler, a force sensor manufacturer, explains that a wheel force transducer replaces a standard wheel during the measurement process and measures the forces and moments acting on the tire contact patch. The existence of these sensors on the Cybertruck prototype may suggest that there are several wheel options available, and the steel wheels spotted on this model could be mimicking the forces on those available wheel options.

As more sightings of the Cybertruck testing occur at Fremont, it is becoming increasingly evident that the final version of the production-ready electric truck is almost ready. Elon Musk's recent walk around the production line at Tesla's GigaTexas factory and his statement that the start of Cybertruck's production feels like the future further underscores the progress being made.

In addition to the steel wheels, the latest Cybertruck prototype also reveals new triangular mirrors, which could contribute to the Cybertruck's efficiency compared to other electric trucks in development. With vehicle testing and factory production line preparation well underway, it appears that the first production run is only a few months away. Hundreds of thousands of people who have ordered the Cybertruck are eagerly awaiting its arrival, and Tesla's history of unveiling specs and pricing suggests that there will be an event to mark this significant milestone.

Overall, car enthusiasts worldwide have been closely following the development and start of production of the Cybertruck. As the launch of the highly anticipated electric truck approaches, many are eager to learn more about its capabilities and how it will change the automotive industry's landscape.

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