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Leaked Photo Sparks Buzz for Tesla Model 3 Refresh


Rumors have been swirling around the internet that a leaked photo of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 Refresh, also known as Project Highland, has been circulating online. The photograph, which has since gone viral, depicts a vehicle that features Tesla's distinct design language, albeit without the typical badging visible at the front.

The image was posted by a user named "ffiarpg" on the popular r/TeslaMotors subreddit. Though the vehicle in the photo is partially covered, the front end and a sizable chunk of the side profile are visible, providing a good look at some of the upcoming changes to the model.

If this photo does indeed depict the refreshed Model 3, it appears that there are some significant styling changes in store for the electric sedan. These include a new front bumper, new wheels, and new headlights, among other updates.

The headlights, in particular, have caught the attention of many Tesla enthusiasts. The refreshed Model 3 appears to have a more horizontal layout for its headlights than the current model, and they look slimmer and more aggressive overall. The absence of fog lights suggests that their function may now be performed by the headlights themselves.

The bumper also looks sportier, with a round shape and a sharp lip at the lower end. The alloy wheel design is likewise new, and it complements the car's overall design nicely. Peering through the windshield in the photo, one can see the upper part of the center display, which appears to be angled towards the driver for better ergonomics.

While the leaked photo doesn't reveal much about the interior of the refreshed Model 3, reports suggest that the dashboard will be updated and the wood trim will be replaced with a fabric finish, possibly using the same Alcantara material found in other Tesla models.

While this leaked photo only shows the front and side of the car, recent reports suggest that the refreshed Model 3 will have a redesigned rear bumper as well. Interestingly, the vehicle in the photo appears to feature many of the changes that were announced by these reports, adding weight to the idea that this is indeed the refreshed Model 3.

Of course, it's important to note that this photo hasn't been confirmed as a legitimate leak, and there are varying opinions within the r/TeslaMotors community about its authenticity. Still, the photo has sparked plenty of discussion and speculation among Tesla fans and industry analysts alike.

As the release date for the refreshed Model 3 draws closer, we can expect more information and details to emerge. For now, though, all we can do is wait and see what changes Tesla has in store for one of its most popular models.

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