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Project Highland: A Sneak Peek into the Redesigned Tesla Model 3's Exciting Upgrades for 2024


Tesla has recently announced that they will be releasing a redesigned version of their Model 3, known as Project Highland, which is set to launch in 2024. The upcoming refresh will bring significant changes to the car's exterior, interior, and hardware, with the aim of improving functionality and reducing costs.

One of the most notable changes in the new Model 3 is the revamped front bumper, which features a new shape and headlights. The temperature sensor will also be removed in a cost-saving measure, but the car will be equipped with additional Full Self-Driving (FSD) cameras, including one on the front bumper. This will improve object detection capabilities, allowing for earlier visibility without excessive creeping at intersections.

Insider information suggests that the front bumper redesign was necessitated by the placement of a new FSD camera in the middle, situated low, just above the vent slits, similar to the Cybertruck's front camera. The rear bumper will also receive a design overhaul, although it is unclear whether this will result in new functionalities.

In addition to the front bumper redesign, the new Model 3 will also feature the installation of the Hardware 4.0 FSD, which will include three additional cameras, with an extra camera located on each fender, providing both front and rear views. This will further improve the car's object detection capabilities, allowing for a safer and more efficient driving experience.

While Tesla's cost-cutting approach is evident in the new Model 3, with the removal of the ultrasonic parking sensors (USS) and temperature sensor, the company is committed to ensuring that the car's functionality remains uncompromised. The car will rely on a camera-only Vision system to take over the duties previously performed by the USS, and Tesla will reportedly use the car's upgraded GPS chip to grab weather information from regional weather stations, instead of relying on a dedicated temperature sensor.

Tesla's cost-saving approach also extends to the new Model 3's interior, which reportedly sees minimal changes. The company is likely to make it stalkless and ventless, similar to the Model S redesign, and replace the more expensive wood trim with a fabric finish, as well as streamline the dashboard.

Tesla's ability to remove unnecessary parts and components from its vehicles without sacrificing functionality has made them a leader in the automotive industry, with nearly US$10,000 net profit per vehicle. The release of the redesigned Model 3 is set to build on this reputation and test-drive the manufacturing savings on the way to the Model 2, which Elon Musk said will halve the Model 3 production costs.

Final Thoughts

he upcoming release of the redesigned Model 3 is sure to generate buzz among Tesla enthusiasts and the wider automotive industry alike. With significant changes to the car's exterior, interior, and hardware, the new Model 3 promises to deliver improved functionality and cost savings without sacrificing quality. Tesla's continued commitment to innovation and efficiency is sure to keep them at the forefront of the automotive industry in the years to come.

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