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Tesla Model Y Long Range 75kWh 2023: A Comprehensive Review

Michael Hodge's Tesla Model Y Long Range 75kWh 2023 is a car that has impressed him since he bought it less than a year ago. He owns this car because of the value for money and charging infrastructure offered by Tesla that he believes no other car company can match. Despite driving under 5,000 miles annually, Michael Hodge’s car has achieved a range of 325 miles from a full charge. In this article, we will explore Michael’s experience with his Tesla Model Y in greater detail, including its positives and negatives, standout technological features, and other interesting facts.

Tesla Model Y Long Range


Michael Hodge has listed several reasons why he loves his Tesla Model Y. One of the main advantages he has noticed is its performance. This car delivers on speed and acceleration, making it a fun car to drive. He also appreciates the practicality of the car, which is not something he found in his previous car. Additionally, he has been impressed with the range of the vehicle, which allows him to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of power.


Despite the overall positive experience, Michael Hodge has identified some areas of the car that could be improved. For example, there have been occasions when the car has not picked up his phone key when standing next to it to unlock it. However, this is not a common occurrence, and he can still unlock the car using the app or key card. Another issue he has encountered is with the car mat, which tends to come loose every 5 or 6 times of getting in and out of the car. Additionally, he would love to have a powered ‘frunk’ as a nice feature.

Standout Technological Features

The Tesla Model Y has several standout technological features that have impressed v. One of these is the screen, which is super intuitive to use. Additionally, if you don’t want to navigate through the touchscreen while driving, you can control most features by pressing the right-side wheel on the steering wheel and using voice commands. The navigation system is also fantastic, letting you know what time you are expected to get to your destination and with what percentage of battery charge you will have when you get there.

Another feature that Michael Hodge loves is the door buttons to open the door when you are inside the car. These buttons provide a convenient way to access the car without having to fumble for keys or press buttons on a remote. Additionally, there is so much storage space in this car, which is not something he expected. The boot is massive, and there are several compartments and cubbies where you can store your items.

Future Electric Car Plans

Michael Hodge is planning to upgrade his car in the future and is considering the Tesla Model S or X, depending on how much space he will need. He has been impressed with Tesla's value for money and the standard charging networks offered to other brands, which are not up to scratch yet.

Home Charging Unit

Michael Hodge has the Tesla Wall Connector at home, which he finds really easy to use. He can charge straight away or schedule the charging to start later in the day or night. He finds this feature particularly useful if he can get cheaper electricity at certain times. He can leave his car plugged in and not have to go out and keep unplugging or plugging the car back in.

Electricity Supplier and Tariff

At present, Michael Hodge is on OVO Energy’s standard tariff, but he is taking advantage of their Charge Anytime app. This app syncs up with his Tesla Wall Connector and charges the car at the most cost-effective time of day in the 24-hour period. This ensures that he has the car charged to the level he has requested it to.

In conclusion, Michael Hodge's review of the Tesla Model Y Long Range 75kWh 2022 is overwhelmingly positive. He highlights the car's value for money, performance, practicality, range, and charging infrastructure as its standout features. The car's intuitive touchscreen, navigation system, door buttons, and storage space are some of its standout technological features. Michael plans to stick with Tesla for his next electric car purchase, likely a Model S or X. He uses the Tesla Wall Connector for home charging and recommends Tesla Superchargers for public charging. Michael highly recommends the Tesla Model Y for anyone looking for a high-performance electric car with excellent range and practicality.

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