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Jewel for your wheel. Made from Aero Space grade 6AL4V Titanium Lug Nuts for TESLA made from the strongest grade titanium for 50 % less weight than steel + zero corrosion + heat fatigue resistant. 60 degree conical base (also known as a cone or acorn base). All versions come in 20 piece sets.


For those looking to improve efficiency in every way possible, one of the most efficient methods is to reduce unsprung weight. (Unsprung weight or unsprung mass is the weight that is not supported by the suspension of the vehicle. Such as the wheels, wheel axle(s), wheel bearings, wheel hubs, lug nuts, tires, a portion of the weight of the driveshaft, springs, dampers, and brake systems.) Removing unsprung weight can offer a myriad of improvements, some of which include a better steering feel and more efficient transfer of motor power to the pavement!

Racing Titanium Lug Nut

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